Introducing Loomy's Cohere AI Integration for Adalo: Smart, Scalable, and Just $25

Hey Adalo Creators,

Big news: the @Loomisgitarrist Cohere AI component is almost here, and it’s a game-changer for our apps! My journey started with an idea—to leverage Cohere’s powerful AI, acclaimed for its analytical prowess and text generation, directly into our Adalo projects. Although I managed to integrate Cohere successfully, displaying the AI’s sharp responses in-app was a hurdle I couldn’t clear alone.

That’s when Loomy stepped in. As a committed Adalo user and an ace component developer, Loomy has been instrumental in turning this vision into a tangible tool. His dedication has not only expanded my understanding of Adalo’s capabilities but also proven that the platform’s potential is as boundless as our creativity.

The fruit of this endeavor is a component that enables Evalflow to engage users through AI-driven conversations, pulling from deep data connections. It’s about making our apps not just smarter, but also more intuitive and interactive.

Imagine a world where the AI understands your app’s database through Adalo’s “magic text” – no need to feed information explicitly, the AI gets it all by itself. @Loomisgitarrist component turns this into reality, creating a seamless bridge between your data and the AI’s capabilities. The use case? As wide as the sky!

From analytical to generative text, this component intelligently processes database inputs, meaning there’s no pre-prompting required. It’s particularly powerful in my performance management solution, providing nuanced insights and generating comprehensive feedback autonomously.

But it doesn’t stop at text. Loomy has integrated voice generation powered by OpenAI, offering an even more interactive and engaging user experience. Plus, the component is built to evolve, promising even more features post-release.

Now, let’s talk value. The Loomy Cohere AI component is listed at $25—a modest price for the immense possibilities it unlocks. As we await the green light for its official release, get ready to use a powerful component that leverages AI in the right way.

Cheers to innovation and the endless possibilities that lie ahead with Adalo! and huge thanks to @Loomisgitarrist


P.S - Images showing the Component setup - CohereApiLG


Really awesome, I personally know @Loomisgitarrist and he’s the most dedicated person I know, really great job


Totally agree, I also learned a lot from working with him about Adalo, the power of no code and OpenAI. He has an Amazing library of apps and components coming soon.

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