Introducing Trejnisto

We’ve crafted a new app called Trejnisto which supports inter-workgroup coaching experiences.
In Trejnisto, there are two levels of accounts for users - Team Coach and Team Member. Users, on sign up, bind themselves to their coach/team through the use of a group code, which ensures they belong to a private group after successful enrollment. The Team Coach can use their app to push “just-in-time” coaching messages and learning pearls to their Team Members. Team Members are notified of each new message through a Push Notification, and use the app to read and respond to messages from their team coach, supporting wisdom sharing and shared team insight.
We’ve included a “mood indicator” in the app so that the coach can take a quick poll of current team mood on demand.
Trejnisto is an easy-to-use reliable purveyor of coaching messaging, and helps the coach collect suggestions for additional all-team coaching messages and track team mood.
If you are interested in setting up a mentor program in your organization, we’d be happy to support. Reach out to us at
Trejnisto at Apple AppStore for iOS
Trejnisto at Google Play for AndroidOS