Introducting MentorMosaic

We’ve crafted a new app that matches interested mentors - who elaborate on the skills they bring to a mentoring relationship - with mentees (i.e., those who want to learn). The app leverages a company code-based system to create private environments for matches - supporting companies or organizations that want to spark mentorship within. Mentorship matches can be promulgated in the app, and taken to other communication streams or leverage built-in private chat tools.
If you are interested in setting up a mentor program in your organization, we’d be happy to support. Reach out to us at

Apple App Store:
MentorMosaic at Google Play Store

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Thanks for sharing. I clicked in the ios app and was blinded by the yellow and white screens…:sunglasses: was it meant to be so bright? Or maybe just me? :sweat_smile:

We definitely built that out in orange! Sorry that you find that a bit shiny. I will take it under advisement that maybe we should tone that down next time :slight_smile:

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