Applying Gamification to A Coaching App

Hi Everyone!
I’ve been playing with Adalo for the last few months, building an app MVP for an Executive Coach. It is in its early stages yet, but I wanted to share here for any feedback. Its been lonely :slight_smile:

Since the functionality unfolds only as a user interacts with the app over time, I have also included a blog post here, which shows some screen shots as I discuss the thinking behind this initial app design.

Link to App: Rewire Me

Thanks in advance for your comments


The app looks great. Nice MVP, excellent work with it.

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Thanks Mark, your feedback means a lot :slight_smile:

You are my hero! I’m in the beginning stages of mine. I love what you’re building! People tell me I won’t be able to build something lasting on a platform like this, but your demo got me excited. I’m working on something similar for my work as a chaplain - where mental health meets spirituality. I just signed up for your blog updates. See you around!

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Hi Kara welcome to the community!
Im so happy that my demo got you fired up :slight_smile: Its easy for us to have doubts when working all on our own.

The nice thing about these no-code tools is that it really lowers the cost for creatives to manifest app ideas into the world. I am keeping an eye on Adalo’s road map - although its still quite a young company, I’m really loving their approach so far.

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So with regards to “gamification” is there a point system you’re looking to incorporate? IE XP points for accumulating streaks of positive engagement with your app? or challenges against other people using the app? it’s a nice looking app but i’m not seeing it “gamified”