Invalid app bundle

Hello! am having a problem with upload my app in google play store. it gives me a error message saying " invalid app bundle". Please help what could be the problem??

thank you

Hi @Karabochilisa,

Seems that Google Play Console no longer accepts .apk files.
I guess that someone from Adalo can assist - @ben1 was able to help someone with this (can’t find this thread now).
As an alternative you can submit a ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.


Here’s what I found in the Adalo Docs for the Victor’s reply :innocent:

If Adalo generated an .APK file for you, this means that you have at least 1 build for this Adalo app that was generated before August 1st, 2021.

You can still update old Play Store apps with .APK files, however .APK files cannot be used for Play Store apps with previous versions that use the .AAB format or for completely new Play Store apps.

If you have previous Adalo app .APK builds in your Adalo build queue but have never published them to a Bundle ID (Play Store App), please contact Adalo support.

Only use the Walkthrough below to update existing Play Store apps already using .APK with your new .APK build from Adalo.

Thank you :blush:


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