Post to Google Play Error

Is it not possible to put an App on ​​Google to play alone? do I now need to talk to support? What happened?

Hi Tay,

I don’t think so. Maybe @pford could confirm this.

For now, this help doc should help you.

Hi @Tay, this only applies if you already have an app in the Play Store with previous APK builds and are trying to upload an .AAB build. New Adalo apps with new Play Store listings are not affected. Can you explain if your Adalo app has builds before August 1st and also if you are trying to publish to an existing Play Store listing (Bundle ID)?


In other words, if my App is new and I’m going to publish it for the first time, can I do this myself? If my App was compiled before August I must compile it in .AA.B. ?

Yes this part is exactly correct!

This part is half correct. If you had an app compiled before August 1st, it will continue to compile as an APK. If you do not have a Play Store listing for the app yet and try to upload an APK as the first build Google will not accept it and you will need to contact us so we can set it to create an AAB for you.


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