List not appearing in preview

Hi, I’ve noticed that the card list does not appear in preview. Why is this? Apologies if it is simple, I’ve only been using Adalo for 24 hours…

List will not appear unless the data it’s assigned to is present. For example, if I make a list of recipes but never made a category of recipes and never made recipes it will not show up.

However, if I make a list of recipes and add recipes inside of it, it will show up.


Thank you @cutefatboy. So the solution is to add records to the database and ensure that a category is assigned to the list.

You got it!

Hi @wowadalo1,

What @cutefatboy said! You need records in the collection that connected to the Card list to show them in the list and show the list!

Learn more about lists! : Lists - Adalo Resources

Good Luck with your Adalo Joruney!

Thank you

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