Invite only experience

Hoping the group can help me.

Working on a project that will be going to an invited/approved group of users in a community. Wondering if anyone has done any workflow in the registration process that allows for users to be “approved” by an admin type user?

Approaches I have considered:

  1. use a unique code generation approach to send each member of the group a code to be entered at the time of registration.
  2. admin approval at time of registration. Have user register and then send a notification to admin users to approve in app/over email before user can proceed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Hi Jonathan,

I’m working on 2. As I need to confirm that the user satisfy some criteria before having access.

So far:
I have a property “Access Level”. It is initiated at 0 when the user signup (I received a notification). When a user logins, I check that Access Level is >0 for the user to be able to get to the home screen.

I’m now working on an admin screen listing all the users with Access level = 0, and a checkbox to switch them to level 1 (accepted user).
When they become level 1, I will use sendgrid or zapier (for mailchimp) to send automatically an email to the accepted user.

Oh! Good one. I’ll give that a shot.

Do you have a preferred email choice when working with Adalo (sendgrid vs. mail chimp)? Or will either work fine? I don’t have any experience working with zapier so I’m just curious.

Thanks again.