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I am currently trying to build the log in, and i am just having a stuck moment.

with the log in/ sign up i am trying to build an approval.

i am falling short with the thought process of …ok. select log in / or submit. how do i then tell it to search the data base to see if the user has signed up or submitted. or search with in the data base for the user. then allow the user to have access to the app.

enter email or user name
search to see if email or user name is in the data base
then open screen ( i under stand this can be a link)
i think the real issue is how do i have it check the data base with the name that is entered

You can’t have duplicate emails in the user table, so Adalo handles this with it’s own error message.
Any search of the entire user base on email means by definition your user email data is not secure.

Just have a regular signup form and let Adalo handle the errors?

thanks for the reply. i do apologize if i was not clear. but to my understanding. the template does not automaticall have the log in or the sign in active. so you have to activate it. by telling it to check and allow. the closest video i have seen to answering my question is the waiting room https://youtu.be/cbcyz9qRvxQ?si=OwxNSY_Lsojvn9Ea so i was wondering what specs did he used for the approved and admin part.

OK, so you want admins to approve registered users.
So when a user signs up, set approved = true, as an automatic field on the form.
That’s a bit different to your initial post.

To answer what you outlined a bit in your first post.
You could have a separate table of allowed_emails, check to see if the entered email exists in that table. Count ALL allowed_emails, filter Email = InputEmail. So when the answer is 1, you have a match. This can be your logic. BUT this is not secure, I do not recommend it, you will have a list of user emails that is accessible by the slightest bit of poking around.

You need to have Make, Zapier or Xano check this for you via ‘Adalo Collections API’.

You could also preload all allowed emails into the user table, so the accounts already exist. Then instead of sign up, they do a password reset. Don’t have a signup screen in that case.

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thank you. this was helpful.

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so for the admin, i will add the admin in the database area, and then connect the sign up link, and have it forward if it has located the name in the data based. i only want an admin category. i do not want it to take an admin to approve.

log in
is user in data base
yes open app / open app to user dash board
no please sign up

sign up
capture info name user name email
store in data base
open app /open app to user dash board

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