How to set up 3 types of users

Dear All,

I am looking for help on how should I set up my app users properly.

I am developing an application where I am going to have 2 types of users (type A and B).

The relationship between them is the following:
Type A can apply to get admitted to belong to B’s group, type B can send invitation to type A to invite them to join their group.

I want to push notifications to both type of users about what a “monthly challenge” is.
Only type A users can upload the results for the challenge.

My question is:
How should I set up users for this app?
Do I need only 2 users (type A and type B) or do I need to set up a separate Admin user to manage notifications and post monthly challenges?
In case I need A, B and Admin type of users, how can I set this up?

Hello E Balazes,
I am far from being proficient with Adalo but I have messed about with it quite some. I am sure that there are many ways you could do this and end up with some pretty complicated data structures. Your approach is probably going to need to reflect how complex your intentions are and the level of security you are trying to achieve.

one way to do this rudimentarily is to have an invitation button on a user profile (if you intend to give users profiles) then you can add a visibility rule for the button (to be found in the 3 dot hamburger to the right of the “Button name or number” at the top of the button’s configuration window in the Browser on the left side of the screen). You will need to make the button visible “sometimes”, when the user with invitation rights (users who are already a part of the group) is viewing the page - In this scenario, the invitation button will simply be hidden when the user who is not yet having membership rights is viewing… they just won’t see the invitation button unless they have the right to invite.

I hope this helps and my explanation is clear enough to be understood. Adalo can be confusing but I am sure if we persist we will figure it out.

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