Screen Size Detector

New Component launched, the screen size detector, this component will let you detect your users screen size for a better experience, maybe for Ipads or tablet. You can the demo here:

and for the component itself here:


Hey there @njimmy10

How does this compare to NoCode Monkey’s device detector component?

So this component doesn’t detect whether the device is a web or ios and android, this component detects the screen’s dimension. Their component detect the software you’re browsing from…

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Nah bro, it detects based on the browser size, not by device type.

See here how it detects based on the pixel width of the browser’s viewport:

Can you show me how the settings work for your screen size detector component?

Oh i see

it’s no settings, the component will automatically detect the screen size, have an action triggered depending on the dimensions you’ve entered in an input, and this action have arguments (width and height)

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Interesting. Thanks for the info.