App currently built on Buildfire

I have an app that is currently built and being supported on Buildfire. It’s published on both iOS and Google Play Stores. If I built a new version of the app on Adalo, would Adalo be able to publish both the iOS and Play store apps that were built on Buildfire as an update? Or would I need to publish all new apps?

Hey, you should be able to yes. I came and moved several Apps from Expo to Adalo and it worked Fine. IOS is flawless, you just need the bundle ID and set up the settings in Adalo to match including incrementing the build Number.

Android is a little more tricky and you will need your keystore, alias and password from build fire as well as the backend version code so Adalo support can increment this on the back end for you.

Once you have the above data, submit a support ticket and they can sort you out.

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