iOS app google map slow

Hello, my app has a map functionality, and it has been working fine for a long time, but we’re now over 30 location pins and the whole page is starting to work badly. More specifically, when you open the map and tap on a pin or on a list item under the map, it literally takes 10 seconds before it goes to the page. How can I fix this?

I’m going through research trying to find our points of lag also. What I would try to isolate the cause is create a page and use a list rather than a map for all the pins, then link to the same pages. Then you can do some tests to see if the map version is much slower. Then you will know if it’s the map component or other lists and details pages in the flow.

I’m doing similar tests now. Love to hear what you find. I have a map with 63 pins.

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I’m curious about this as well. I’ve been looking into creating an app that would require a lot of map pins, and this is very interesting!

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I figures out that the issue was in the list, and not the google map. In the list under the map, for each item i was showing 4 images, and since removing those images the map and clicking on items has been very fast again.