My Android App is extremely Slow

I have completed my App and published it but discovered that the Android App is extremely slow.
If I am the only user of the App now and screens cant load fast imagine what will happen if I have thousands of users on the App.

Please I need help. I have reviewed all posts on Slow Android Apps and tried my best to make sure i respect some of the advice but still yet.

share the app please I can take a look!

Thanks for your help in advance

this app is super super cool!. I think the issue is probably the buttons have too many actions also the map seems super buggy that’s a big issue

@iGotDinero @Victor
I have remove the list where the map was. So no map again in the app and consequently no bug from the map.
I have deleted so many of the unnecessary buttons and left only the required ones.
I have added the preload tool from pragmaflow.
I dont have any list of lists

Please I need help to understand why this App is EXTREMELY SLOW. I cannot deliver it to the Client with this speed and my datelines are close.


Hey @EatAfro,

It is difficult to say what could be the problem without a detailed investigation, which could take a few hours. Unfortunately I’m not available for this project at the moment.
As a general advice:

  • try to rebuild your Android app - there were recent changes which improved app speed
  • reduce image sizes
  • avoid many-to-many relationships
  • avoid lists-inside-the-lists (which as you say you don’t have)
  • check if there are obsolete lists/elements
  • optimise screens - remove unnecessary visual elements / conditions.
    Anyway, only proper app audit can give an answer what should be changed.

If you need help from Adalo, I’d advise submitting a ticket: Submit a Support Ticket. Please keep in mind - me and other Community Leaders do not work for Adalo, if you would like to get an official support - please submit a ticket.