iOS rejected help

This is message that I got

How to fix this issue? My whole app is based on user login firstly?

You can write back to them and explain why you need login first in order to access the information inside the app.

If you can create a temporary account and give them the credentials to check, even better.

It is a recommendation, not a mandatory requirement from Apple.

You think that they will approve app if I explain them that whole app is working only when user logs in?

So when I write them I just need to wait for the answer or have to do something more?

And one more thing. I have made test account and gave them credentials to check app, I think the problem is this what they wrote that user must use app without login and tomake account later, but that changes whole app

I explained that my App requires a login before I can provide any information or services and gave them a test account with information inside the login.

Got it approved.

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