Apple rejected my app because being unable to sign in with the demo account credentials I provided

This is the guideline I got from Apple.

Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

We’re looking forward to reviewing your app, but we were unable to sign in with the demo account credentials you provided.

Next Steps

Please provide the username and password for a valid demo account with full access to your app’s features and functionality or include a demonstration mode that shows all of the features and functionality available in your app. Note that we cannot use a demo video showing your app in use to continue the review.

To provide credentials for a valid demo account:

  • Sign in to App Store Connect.
  • Click My Apps.
  • Select your app.
  • Click on the app version on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to App Review Information.
  • Select the “Sign-in required” checkbox.
  • Enter demo credentials in the Username and Password fields.
  • Click Save at the top of the Version Information page.

I provided Apple with the emails and passwords I created and saved in Adalo DB however they keep saying they cannot log in with the credentials I provided.

Help please!!

check the action after login, it must be linked to the home page - logged in status. Silly me forgot to do that recently and users after login cant direct themselves to the landing logged in page.

Hope this helps

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Hi @ron

As below, I added actions for users.

The username I provided Apple with is and the password is 1. Is it because password is too weak?


@BladingB did you make sure that the ‘test’ account that you made for the Apple review meets the criteria for the “this action will only happen if” link on each home screen? That might be the problem, bc if the test user isn’t true/false for the requirements that you setup for the click actions it woun’t send the user anywhere.

Hi @James_App_Maker

As below I set it up to send users to the home page they are meant to.


Is the demo account > user type > equal to > hospital nurse?

Could you take a picture of the User’s Collection for the “demo account” user type?

Oh you mean that I need to have a “demo account” for the test? Should I add a user type which is “demo account” or something?

No, I mean that for the Demo Account for the “User type” property you need to make sure it’s Hospital Nurse.

Sorry I’m bit confused. Currently there are only four user types.

  1. Hospital nurse 1,
  2. Hospital nurse 2,
  3. Manager 1,
  4. Manager 2

And below is a screenshot of the User’s Collection for the “Manager 1” user type.

Thanks for your help @James_App_Maker

Seems like the data type is text you should make a collection with your 4 types. My guess is that there’s a mistake either in user type or in the logic which directs users to the right place. The mistake can be a space at the end or at the front, possibly case sensitive too…

@BladingB have you tried logging in the app with the credentials that you had provided to Apple? Let me know if you can log in and navigate.

@BladingB I was making a video for you to watch but I just realized that this does not work when I tried it. Sorry :frowning:

Please submit a support ticket for this issue.

Hey, are all actions working? not one of them acing fishy?

I did some quick tests and discovered the first time you hit the login button with those credentials, nothing happens, but if you fill it in again and then submit again, you are logged in successfully.

I will continue to investigate the cause of this and then send in a bug report to our team itnernally.

Interesting find @Colin as I am experiencing the same behavior on my end. I didn’t think of it as a big deal but maybe it is after all.

Thanks everyone for support!

I added a “User Type” property in “User” Collection. I then noticed I need to log in twice to be logged in successfully with a new credential.

I guess I need to wait for now.

Yup this happened to my app as well

@BladingB It is best practice to not have the conditional actions on the login button itself. The system has not fully registered the logged in user yet. In order to avoid the “double login” you would want to link this login button to a blank transitional screen with transition none on the action. Make this transitional screen your home screen navigation and from here you can add screen actions with all the conditions you would like with transition none.


Thanks Ashley. After adding a transition screen with none transition I only need to log in once. I will resubmit it for review after figuring out how to use the calendar component.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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