Ip lookup - is it front end or server side?

In trying to run an ip lookup to learn where a user signs up from, I’m running into a curious situation where I’m getting the same results even though I’ve tried this with a couple of geolocation api services, i.e. the user always has Virgina as their state.
I get this result whether I run it from the emulator or from a TestFlight install on my physical test device (which is in the UK).

I’m assuming that this api call, even when it’s running from my app, on my phone in the UK, is being run server side, correct??

Yes I think the IP you see there comes from the server. When creating the ‘detect user info’ service for Adalify, I used a webview to avoid this problem. The webview seems to carry their correct IP.

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@theadaloguy Have you had an app in the app store which uses an ip address lookup?
I only ask because the article below says this is something Apple are going to be putting a stop to…!

I hadn’t seen that no. I’ve tested on Native android, and as far as I’m aware it currently works on iOS (no customers reported any issues). But if Apple changes the whole way the routing of internet traffic works, it’s possible there could be issues getting your user’s IP in any web-based solution in the future.

It looks like Apple are gunning the privacy thing, so I don’t think I’m even going to bother trying to implement it…not worth the aggravation of scraping with Apple over it…