Sign in w Apple- Return URLs and Server to Server Endpoints

Hi all,

I am receiving an “invalid web redirect URL” error when the “Continue with Apple” component is clicked.

Pretty sure it has something to do either with:

  1. The redirect URL in my ServicesID configuration (I used and my custom domain used with Adalo Not sure if the redirect URL is supposed to be different from the domains that were set up.

  2. I haven’t set up a Server to Server Notification Endpoint path in my AppID configuration for Sign in with Apple. This is a level up from the ServicesID, so maybe its irrelevant until I’m ready to launch the iOS app.


Update: I set my Return URLs to be the same as my domains in the ServicesID configuration for my bundle. It is a web app. I’m no longer receiving the “invalid web redirect URL” error message.

BUT, when TouchID pops up after pressing the Continue with Apple component in Adalo, I am now receiving a different error message, which is: “signup could not be completed”.

If anyone else has had similar issues with their Sign In with Apple component on web, I’d love to know how the issues were resolved. Thanks!

Hello, I have the same problem. Did you find the solution ?

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