Is adalo the best option for this -

Im sure most people know since i contacted a lot of people for help,
but I am making an app (social media app) and it will be advertised by 3 famous people, so I am expecting a lot of users expecting around 5-10k users in first few days, and Idk if adalo database can handle all this and I was researching and hard you also have to pay for action clicks or something, so now I am really scared because I fully built the app on adalo and its ready to publish
Now I am worried my users will delete the app due to it being slow or it cant handle a certain amount of users.

I love adalo but now I am scared that I might have to transfer over to Flutterflow or maybe like bubble, but Idk how to use any of those apps. What should I do stay with adalo for switch to there, or if there is a good non code app for social media apps that can hold lots of users and actions

How do you plan on obtaining revenue through this app?

To be totally honest, the phrases “non code” and “social media app” don’t exactly go well together. My opinion, doesn’t matter if it’s Adalo or another extremely low to no code platform, social media apps require a fairly robust backend to perform well, and the front end would be tough to achieve without the ability to really dig in to the UI, both from a drag/drop and from the code. I can assure you that Facebook, Twitter and the like weren’t developed with no/low-code dev suites.

If you’re just looking for a sub-par method for people to share photos and post comments, then Adalo may be your king. But if you’re wanting near-instant communication with a seamless design and content flow, you’re gonna need something with a little more backbone to run effectively.

Fact is, if you want to avoid disappointing your clients/users, you need to use a more “technical” design platform and learn its code structure. Unless you’re apt for designing in two separate native languages, flutter would obvious be the language you’d want to go with, as it’s one code designed for cross platform use; there are a few different builder platforms that grow from flutter (to comply with Adalo’s policy of not promoting competitors, I won’t name them).

But I don’t believe Adalo’s backend is up to par with supporting a near-instant to instant communication stream that a social media-type site would actually require to be taken seriously.

Aside from all of that, another primary concern should be that you can’t download your code from Adalo to dig into the specifics, make code-specific modifications, and incorporate add-ons as you please, which can greatly expand the “wow” factor of your app.

I’ve personally determined Adalo to be great for business-type apps, that is, with static content to promote a service, contact details, maybe even sell some subscriptions (though the Stripe key leak seems really concerning). But if you’re wanting to build an app that’s designed to enhance user experience with dynamic and complex content, Adalo probably isn’t the best for that. A good example to this would be, I am using a different dev platform for my live apps, and I recently dug directly into the flutter code to make some adjustments, where I added geofencing and Google Vision (smart tech to identify objects, facial scans, picture-to-text, etc). These are things that cannot be achieved if you cannot access the code.

Just my two cents.

well my apps really is just post a photo, and you’ll see it on the feed that’s it nothing that a coding program would need to be in, I feel like the main priority is not paying for clicks and users, and the main priority is also just a fast app

well through admob but later realized they don’t pay good lol so I guess through the marketplace I added

If you’re building an app for famous folks (or under their promotion), wouldn’t you want your product to be the best it can be?

When you deliver a product you’re not confident in, your supporters and end-users will also not be confident in it. Trust your gut. If there’s concern that Adalo won’t be able to meet the speed specs to handle user performance, you’re probably treading the right path.

Solution? If you don’t know another platform, learn it. Or find someone who can teach you. But don’t settle for less just because your knowledge (right now) is limited. Read, read, read. Or watch videos, if that’s better for you. Ask questions, find answers. Take what you learn, apply it, make mistakes - work through them, find a solution.

But never settle for less.