Is Adalo the right platform for a course-quiz? (+ zoom calls)

I am new on Adalo, moving everything from MightyNetworks as I want my own app for my course/quizzes, LIVE sessions and community. While trying Adalo I realised that in the Adalo academy courses seemed to be built on learnworlds so now I am no longer sure my Adalo choice is right… I have looked extensively on market place and see no course plug in that resembles the courses in the academy. Does that mean each video is hosted elsewhere? and we pay for an e-learning tool that we embed? Please tell me as I am navigating the platforms and seem not to find the right one for me (a coach with a course program and a community with 1-1 and group zoom sessions)
thanks in advance

Yeah I don’t think any of Adalo’s own tools are built in Adalo.

Search out ‘S3 video storage’ by @theadaloguy. You can build this but some compromise will be needed at a point.

I’m sure you could start with a template and tweak it to suit your needs.

I see! So it means I need to re-create the wheel when I am looking for the wheel (I don’t like learnworlds platform) I will find but I am sad as I thought I had found it in Adalo but I am not an app developper, I am a creator of content that loves tech

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