Is anyone experiencing seemingly random app-wide loss of functions?

I’ve been building and iterating my business management app for over a year now. It’s in production & in daily use. I’ve been rebuilding my administrative functions into a web app recently, to allow for larger screen (and because native couldn’t handle the data complexity apparently - would crash phones and generally wouldn’t work). I’m deep into it, and very experienced with Adalo. I am doing very simple things, just lots of them (like displaying filtered lists, conditional summation, CRUD, etc…)

ANYWAY, things just… well, aren’t working. Simple things like setting default values in dropdowns, on-screen counts, conditional visibilities… Lists are behaving weird; breaking/not showing records if the spacing is set to 0, OR if there is only 1 record. It’s seemingly random; some components work fine, and others simply don’t. Even deleting & rebuilding doesn’t fix a lot of it. I’m going on 2 days of pulling my hair out, falling back into the Adalo Death Spiral of Frustration again…

I can provide PLENTY of examples upon request (screenshots, looms), but I wanted to start with this general inquiry to see if we’re just having some trouble in general right now with the stability and/or functionality of the platform.

Thanks in advance!

I have a native app with 3 other webapps on my food ordering platform, having all the functionality you have mentioned and everything is working fine!

Try to give one example with screenshots to see what is going on with your apps

Thanks for the reply. I’ve resolved most of my issues. This was just a classic case of Adalo gremlins ganging up on me. In my experience, it is normal for some things to just “not work”, and you have to rebuild, or change the “way” you’re doing it (like trying different filtering methods/“routes” until something works", or changing how you structure your pages so instead of, say, a “list in a list in a list” you give up and make the first list item link to a different page that has the sub-list, etc).

My App is hyper complicated. A completely customized project management, hr/benefits management, training platform, fleet management, payroll processor, time tracker and invoicing system all rolled into one. So, I think I am more susceptible than the average user to experiencing weird cascading errors or buggy lists, etc, because I am pushing Adalo to its absolute maximum.

I tend to forget that sometimes… and I need to work on remembering to appreciate Adalo for what it is actually empowering me to do, and accept that it is in many ways a developing product that is very unpolished. I certainly hope that the devs keep up the good work on improvements, focusing hard on database performance, app reliability & polishing whatever behind-the-curtain machinery converts our up-front design & programming into effective back end code, so there’s less “gremlins” to murder.


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