The database loss that occurs regularly at Adalo has occurred again

The database loss that occurs regularly at Adalo has occurred again.

Nothing appears in the application.

Then there are a series of user inquiries and low reviews in the app store.

This recurring problem cannot be prevented by paying for a business plan.


same here, all my Adalo collection are empty, no one can use the app

As for Adaro, they say all systems are up and running.

I submitted a ticket, anyway the issue is for all my apps, lets hope it’s a general bug and get a fix asap

You will probably not receive a reply to your ticket until 2 days later.

This problem occurs regularly.

And each time it occurs during the daytime on Sunday in Japan time.

In the U.S., users are usually asleep, so it should be fine, but in Japan, this is the time when people are actively using the application.

Asian users who are considering using Adalo should be careful.

Looking at the status, it seems that Adalo doesn’t think anything is wrong yet.

Anybody with a full Xano integration?
Does it affect your app too?

same, all my databases are gone. Happens very often

Unfortunately, it will continue to happen.

And nothing has changed in Adalo’s status yet.

It is unclear if they are aware of the problem.

It has been more than an hour since the problem occurred, yet the status shows no abnormality.

I wonder if they are still unaware of the problem.

Yepp the database is down or collection. Think is stop working yesterday, so Adalo should know about this issue. What the big issue for me the lack of information to customer.

To answer my own question.

Xano integrations seem unaffected.

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I am new to adalo and just release my site and bought a yearly plan. Is this common problems with adalo, that the type of error occur?

As far as past forum posts, this has happened at least once a year.

The same issue.

I encountered the same issue about 9 months ago. At that time, it took the Adalo team more than 48 hours to resolve it.

Thanks for submitting a ticket. I have the same issue since about 2h (Asian user here…)


For Adalo, it seems that not seeing anything in the app qualifies as a “minor outage”.

Since it’s a minor outage, it’s going to be slow to get fixed.

It is tragic that we ran into the same problem about 9 months ago and it took the Adalo team over 48 hours to resolve the issue.

In Japan, these are the majority of opinions these days.

“It still makes me think it’s just a tool to make prototypes.”

New user - facing the same issue. Is this a relatively frequent thing here? What do people do to backup the database from the platform?

I’ve been using Adalo for about two and a half years and it happens often.

To use Adalo, you have to accept that you will be regularly bombarded with negative user inquiries and negative app store reviews.

Even if you back up with CSV, you cannot upload CSV data to the database in the current state.