Is Between Calculation

Hi everybody,

I have an event app and need to hide the join button if full, I have this in a group because I have other conditions e.g. expired, cancelled.

0= unrestricted anything above then the event is restricted to that amount.

sometimes visible if
current event - user participating - count

is between


current event - users participating

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, it does work as long as it’s greater than 0, any known workarounds?


Hi @M4cH4mish ,

Rather than using between, it is better to use greater than or less than.

Maybe but I can’t see how, with the logic I have it’s not possible, I guess I have to re-think.

The problem is that 0 = no restriction (if you don’t enter anything it’s 0)

If I use less than then nobody can join if it’s 0

Any ideas? Different solution for the problem?


I guess I can just change the default value to a higher number and always have a restriction, that would work :slight_smile: just not as clean.

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You could add a boolean field as additional rule.

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