Visibility check - less than a number compared to an empty record seems to fail?

If we do a check for a less than on a number record. If that record is empty, should the logic still work, or does there need to be a number there in the record for it to work? Ie I want to see if it’s less than 100 - but if the record is Empty - will: < 100 = less or will it not evaluate properly?

If there are no records, then that group will be visible.

I take it back, works fine now!

I am still having issues with the visibility check for empty records.

If I have a list of records and a text item.

I only want the text item to be visible if there is content in the list, so it is not empty. The content is linked to the user with a one (user) to many (list content) relationship. If I select all items in that user relationship field and give the condition: Only show if it does not contain “empty” it still shows up, even when the field in the user record is empty.

If I use a Count condition instead and say only show the text item, if the count is “greater than” empty or “not equal to empty” The text item doesn’t show up, even if the count should be 1 or more, which is not empty.

So my question is how to deal with empty fields when I want the opposite of the less then condition. It seems to me that greater than or not equal to don’t work reliably.

Okay, I created a new text element and now it works with a “greater than or equal” to 1 condition. Maybe there was just something funky with my text field.