Is chat fully functional now?

After a long hiatus I’m considering redeveloping one of my apps.
Hoping that performance on Android is good enough now for production. Especially if I keep things simple.

One of the other issues was chat however. So some questions:

  • Is reverse scrolling fully functional now? Not only UX wise, but also loading the last x messages, instead of the first x?
  • Is the database speed good enough now to approach ‘realtime’ feel?
  • Any other issues I need to be aware of?

Hey, I would say iOS is very good, and that Android performance is still a little laggy in comparison. I have built in an AI Chat system, using reverse scroll etc and it works pretty well. Note this goes to an AI API and then returns the response so it’s obviously going to be slower than simple Chat. But the list does automatically push the messages up when you add a new one etc, so reverse scroll works pretty well … for simple chat I would say it would work pretty well if set up correctly.

Ok, thanks!

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