To many messages

whats the best strategy for someone who has to many messages in their groupchat how do I make it load the fastest is their a way to break it down into sections

You should probably consider using the realtime component by Pragmaflow

You will never have consistent chat performance until you use some 3rd party services or the Real Time Chat by Pragmaflow, have a look at the sample I built here

The are only 2 small issues, the reversed scrolling and device responsiveness if display are very different (example on iPhone 13 Pro Max is fine, on iPhone 7 you have to scroll down a bit to see the input field)

the reverse scrolling i have done a code change and made it work

Cool, would you mind to share it ?

I think theirs a bug with your app even made up email addresses dont work on signup

how do I get pragma flow. I don’t see it as an option to buy in the marketplace?

Yeah there is a bug… I don’t know why. Have to fix it, thanks
You have to visit Pragmaflow Website

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