Is creating a GoFundMe clone possible with Adalo?

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It’s been some time that I’m looking for a no-code SaaS to build a fundraising platform like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. Adalo, Bubble, Glide, Softr etc… There are a ton of SaaS to do it :expressionless: I just discovered Adalo and it seems possible to create a fundraising platform with it.

Can you guys tell me if it’s achievable?

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Hi @loddaa ,


Yes, achievable, a database based no code can handle this, but spreadsheet based no code will need to make more workarounds, they are good for showing, not for inputting.

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Thanks for answering. Can I do create my date base directly in Adalo or should I need to connect an external data base like Airtable?

Both no code tools that you mention are working best if using their own internal database, unless you want to go for an adventure.

If you hit limit, there are always low code tools.

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Yes, it’s entirely possible. In fact, I’ve created a template that I’m selling on my website called “Crowdfunding” that is just like a Kickstarter/GoFundMe type of app. Users can create campaigns and collect donations.

The internal Adalo database is more than sufficient for this type of app.

Thank you all for your answer!

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