Mini crowdfunding app (Cloneable)

I made a simple crowdfunding app we’re now using to fund the development of the next version of the Charity Makeover platform.
It took 1 day start to finish and has Stripe integration, a progress meter, a donor wall and a viral social media share widget on the thank you page and pushes donors into ActiveCampaign for CRM.

I wrote it up here in a blog post for anyone interested and have just made it cloneable via the new cloneable apps feature. lmk if you have any questions.


Great use of the platform and thanks for making it open to others!

Hi Sean,

I had a look at your crowdfunding creation which is great. I’m trying to get some ideas from it to make this a system where i can host other people’s fundraisers instead of my own.

Do you know if it’s possible adapting your system to allow people to create their own fundme post and have their friends/family donate to their own fundraiser?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, you’re free to clone my crowdfunding app and adapt it however you like. I provided this without any guarantees or support so I can’t advise you on how to get the functionality you want here but it’s certainly possible to extend what I started and make it multi-tenant with some work. Good luck.

Thank you… I’ll have a play with it to see what I can achieve with it… Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sure thing. You can also consider engaging an Adalo expert to extend it to do what you need it to do: Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies
good luck

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