Problem marker address Google Map


I have a problem with marker addresses on google map with Adalo.

My addresses used to work but now they don’t show up.

I feel like some cities work and some don’t.

Do you also encounter this problem?



Until you get your question answered, perhaps this recent thread could help

Thank you for your comeback.

I have already succeeded in creating markers.

The problem is that my markers which were working, haven’t been working for a few days even though I haven’t changed anything.

you’re welcome. frustrating… hang in there.

I have exactly the same problem. I guess it is because of the recent update.

Do you think it will be resolved soon? It’s very annoying for my project.

Hi @theo1 ,

The best would be Submitting a support ticket!

Provide more information for support!

Hope it will be fixed soon!

Thank you

Good news ! It’s good, Adalo has solved the bug! Thanks to those who replied

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