Is it possible not to crop a picture in a card list?

Hi, I am currently using a card list, but I have the issue that it’s not possible to show the full image, because it always crops it. Is it somehow possible not to crop it without using a custom list?
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It’s not ideal @jakob but you have to pad images in Photoshop with additional background in order to fit into the ideal aspect ratio. It would be nice to have some example image specs to work from. Otherwise it’s just a lot of trial and error.

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Thank you for your answer. The problem is in this card list there are only pictures which are uploaded by users. So I can’t edit the shape in advance…

You’re correct, you can’t do it in a card list, only a custom list.

There is good news, however. You can set a custom list to 2 columns like a card list and you can also use IMGIX URL parameters for compression and cropping (if you actually want to crop the image)

So create a custom list and add your image to it. Set the parameter to URL and you can add URL parameters from here:

Here’s an example. This compresses the image, crops it, and centers the image on the point of interest (entropy)

Like one of the coolest features is face detection. This snippet centers a face in a photo (perfect for profile pictures)

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Thank you for your answer. This helps a lot :smiley:

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