Is it possible to add a confirmation password and a robot check to signup page

When you purchase on our site, you just need to temporarily add our email to your team so we can grant you access to the component. (you will see the explanation after you purchase the component).

It will then show up in your Components Folder once we install it (within 24 hours).

Regarding the Zip Code question, this particular component only supports Email and Passwords. However we do have a few other components that are more multi-purpose such as our Input Validator Button and Regex Input components.

Feel free to DM if you have more questions.

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@Victor – for this to work do you have to delete the password field that comes with most templates and create a new one. Since the password type field has a lock symbol, it seems you’re unable to add it to conditional visibility equations. Let me know if I do have to delete and recreate the password field or if I’m missing something.

Seems you’re confusing password property in Users collection database (which couldn’t be deleted) and inputs on the screen.

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