Is there any way to add 2-step verification to Adalo?

Is there any way to add 2-step verification to Adalo?
like google, and verification by phone number?

or anyone here can build this components for me?


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Hi @ntlinyousef,

There are plenty of ways to implement 2-step verification.

You can do it via email + custom actions (similar to password reset - see here for example, you can do it via Integromat (Send verification email to new sign ups - Adalo Resources, Send a verification SMS to new sign ups - Adalo Resources), Adastacks (Adastacks | Email Verification), and so on.

Best regards, Victor.

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sir i don’t talk about signup,
i’m talking about 2-factor !
for users that already sign up and they want to protect them accounts! :slight_smile:

Hi @ntlinyousef ,
You can always send a one time random code to email or sms, when a user logins and validate that against the email code, if code does not match, user cannot login.
If this is what you mean, I am releasing a video this week as soon as I finish a video for another user.

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Hi @ntlinyousef,

Each of the methods I’ve mentioned could be modified to use them for protecting logins as well.
There is not a lot of technical difference between 2-factor signup and 2-factor login.


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