Is it possible to build a form just using form field to build a form?

complaint form

I built this form and would like to link the fields to the submit button, is that possible?

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Yes you can. You will need to create the relevant actions on the submit button whether that is to Create a record, Update a record or Delete one.

Then you can access the data from each input via the form inputs selector.

Remember to name your inputs properly. It will help you when selecting which input relates to which field.

Thank you very much its working, but now I have another issue, when I add a new entry, it saves 12 records, but the 11 records are blank, could it be because of the drop down menus i added for TITLE and Type of Complaint? I have attached a screenshot of the database. Thank you for your assistance.

You should post a screenshot of the actions that are being executed on button press.

Did you add 12 actions, or one with 12 things to save?

Here is a screenshot of the submit button actions, thank you

That looks like the way I’d do it, so I’m stumped. Maybe someone else can chime in for ya! Good luck

Thanks a lot, appreciate it

Hi @etex9,

Does it create 12 records every time?

@etex9 I took a look at your app and noticed that you had a screen action on the form screen that was set to create a complaint. So this was being repeated when using the submit button 11 times because of calling that screen 11 times to retrieve the input fields on that screen.

I have removed the screen action and it should work as intended now.

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