Is it possible to make a link to whatsapp

Hi, I want that when a user clicks a button, it links to What’s App, (not the web app What’s App Web).
Is that somehow possible?

8:22 seconds into the video, I don’t click on the WhatsApp button because I do not want to disclose the phone numbers of my friends and family on YouTube, but it will open up the app and create a message prepopulated ready to send.


Hi @jakob,

You can also check this out instead:

Firoz Khan - @firozkhanuk1214_1

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Thank you very much for your answers :smiley:

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@jakob did that work? I faced an issue that the url was not valid.

I’ll double check the component again.

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Can you give more details? I just tested this on web and Android and it works fine for whatsapp.

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Yes, everything worked great, I don’t know what issue it could be.

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