Is it possible to put a repeating list within a repeating list?

I have a list of Plants.

I have a separate list of Plant Types (ie. house plant, tree, bush).

Each Plant has a Plant Type - that is, there is a many (plants) to one (plant type) relationship.

I’d like to display a list of all plants, sorted by plant type. I’d like to have a repeating list of Plant Types, with another repeating list inside of it of the Plants that are assigned to that Plant Type.

Can I do this with Adalo? I haven’t been able to figure it out, but it’s possible I’m missing something. (I can do this with Bubble, for reference, and it’s very powerful)

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Hi Raquel – I come from Bubble so I know what you mean. I have something similar set up but with nav menu items that have sub menu items. I think I used the one-to-many relationship type. I am still getting around relationship types and how they work in Adalo so it may just be selecting the right options. I am also coming to an understanding, unless I am crazy, that it matters from which collection you add the relationship from as well as how you query the collection on the front end.

All in all, it should be possible.

Hi @raquelmsmith, yes it is possible to create a list with a list. See:


It works! Thanks so much!

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