Is it possible to test in-app purchases on Adalo Preview?

Hello Adalo community!

I recently installed in-app purchases in my app, and I’d like to test the experience in preview prior to submit it for testflight.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Currently in Adalo Preview, when I tap on the button that triggers the in-app purchase experience, a new grey screen appears that reads “Screen Missing”

Thank you all!

Still having this issue.
Does anyone know if testing the in-app purchase UX is possible?


Hi Leonor,

I guess you can’t. Maybe someone can confirm? According to the Docs :

You need to publish the app to test-flight and internal testing to test this component on IOS and Android.

Android :



Good Luck!

Thank you


Not possible. It app must be published.


Thank you for confirming Dilon and Charles!

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