Is it worth it to move to Xano for existing app ? or it would be better to move totally out of Adalo!

Hello all,

This might sounds like a strange question, but here is the situation

I have a food delivery platform (5 apps with the same database) running on Adalo since few months, with around 50 collections/tables as my database, which will require a lot of work to move to Xano anyway.

things are fine with Adalo, I love it so much, but the performance is the only thing that is pulling me down.

the app usage is moderate, and I have few thousands records in tables here and there, and I have optimized the app performance to the most.

now few pointes are giving me the impression that moving to Xano wont be a game changer performance wise…

  1. Overall app performance is not affected at all by the increasing tables records, which means at this point that database performance is not the major factor in my app performance.
  2. The app is performing very very well on high end phones, specially IOS, and it starts to struggle on medium phones, and almost unusable on few years old phones, which is also telling that the main factor in performance here is the app frontend, interface, logic, services,… anything but not database, something is relaying on the devise’s processing power.
  3. Apps developed with Adalo does not feel snappy or instant even if the action is not triggering database action, just a simple button doing a simple thing will have some amount of delay in action.

based on the above points, I am sure that something is happening somewhere on Adalo’s stack causing most of the performance issues, maybe the way Adalo is translating app no code metadata into actual app, or still even after building an app it is still relaying on some services causing actions delays.

finally my question is coming from my belief that database is not the problem (at least at this point), and moving to Xano will not give me more that 10% of improvement maybe, so the effort of learning Xano and moving there wont be worth it
instead, moving out totally to full coding platform will be the ultimate decision, since any other no code will have its own problems as well, and unfortunately I don’t see that Adalo will have any major improvement at this point anytime soon


I just ported to Flutterflow and also learning flutter with the generated source code. This is the best viable option; being able to own your code and scale if need be.
Adalo performance is terrible and I strongly doubt it’s going to ever get better. They’d have to crumble the entire thing and rebuild the tool on a solid infrastructure.
The best no code tool for speed and efficiency is SOFTR. Now that they have added CRUD actions, I see a future with SOFTR.
Adalo will waste your time. The customer support replied my ticket after 20 days to say “thank you for your patience” (Even though I’m a Pro user and paid upfront for a year). How absurd!. At that moment, I considered other tools. Now I am home with Flutterflow. It gives you everything Adalo will never give you and more…except for the UX where Adalo is better.

thanks for your reply, it is sad to admit that the best option is to get your code, I am a coder myself but I believe in no-code, we should be ready to focus on what is really matter instead of re inventing the wheel, but I cannot find a great options out there, just checked SOFTR again and I see that they do not support native apps yet, which is a requirement in my case.

just not to get this discussion somewhere else, I LOVE Adalo so much, specially the UI/UX and easy to use, no other platform can match that, and they have improved drastically but not on the point I mentioned, and to be honest recently improvements are getting slower, and little rare to see.