Apps Perfomance

As a person who’s been on Adalo for like a year, i’ll be launching one of my app very soon, for me and for every other person’s fear is the app performance from my own experience, apps run faster on IOS than android, and apps need performance update ASAP, Adalo is growing day by day and every time i contact Adalo, or anyone contacts them about the app performance, we all get the same answer, and also to check performance status on their website, I think that Adalo should shows their people what are they planning on that point, like giving us arguments about what they are doing to make apps perform highly better, and that’s an important question especially after the recent IOS issue that lasted for a week which put many “red flags” and the main question remain.

What is Adalo Doing?

I mean no offense, but as i said that’s everyone’s fear when their app will be going live.
Please I hope that someone can answer clearly and freely to these important thing that a developer should know.

I get your argument, so here is my personal approach, trying to be balance between defending and open minded.

Individuals that stay in no code for longer than few months and still exist even tough recognizing limitations are most likely don’t have budget to get code solution, or have no time for that. Because real professional code solution could be 00.000$ or learning code for average person could be >5 years (if talented). These numbers are debatable, depends on the season, but whatever it is, they are unreachable to most people.

For companies, they are more tolerance to higher cost for code solution, unless they want to do some experiments like the rest of us.

Adalo for MVP is the right choice, we can have excuses for not fulfilling every nice-to-have requests, because we are in early stages, but we can change shape, transform the app in a very quick way, sometimes even in few hours, we can get new feature, what I mean feature is what Adalo can do best, which is creation of collections, screens, lists and soon will be available in the App/Play Store. This is what code solution are lacking and probably will never do as fast as no code.

If we continue bootstrapping then we need to up the game gradually, such moving up to more complex no code, which is Bubble, they can do filtering much more flexible.

The ideal would be to get some funding that can be used to develop code solution, but this can take few years to get, and only if we have users and reliable traction.

So, take what is available for us, move gradually, focus on what we can do right now, worry about other things later, because those worries cost money and if we keep worrying but does not move up, we might spend more money to unnecessary solution that could be used to keep our business runway.

Personally, I have concerns too, what if my app have users like this and that, how can and how come, they will need these and those, but I try to navigate those just to the limit of what Adalo can do, speculating to non existent feature or even situation can back fire us to stay in focus in the present moment.


I am 100% with what you are saying, Adalo is very good and MVP choice for everyone, that’s why I asked why are they doing to be able to contain that growth.