Is PragmaFlow's Timer Action the only way to create recurring events?

My app features an ‘upcoming events’ section, showing, well, upcoming events.

Most of those events will only occur once, but some will recur regularly (say, every Monday at the same time).

Instead of recreating those recurring events constantly, I want to set them to reappear in the schedule automatically.

As far as I can tell, PragmaFlow’s Timer Action is the only way to do this in Adalo.

Is there any other way? Not complaining. Just trying to find all options.

And does PragmaFlow’s action work well? Has anybody had any trouble with it?

Thanks so much as always!

Hey @MikesClub this is a great question and I also would love to know what others in the forum are doing for such situations.

I also have only been able to resolve this issue with using timer actions, but this relies on someone opening the app etc (which is ok), but it would be great to find or learn of a solid solution. I did also try with Zapier and Integromat, but I found I was getting errors with the API connection quite often.

@Victor have you any best practices you would recommend to set up recurring slots or recurring events?

I know Complab have a recurring slots Calendar, I have purchased it, but not tested yet.

Hi @iAppsNi @MikesClub,

Based on my experience, now I try to avoid using any client-side actions using timers - the probability of glitches is very high (I built a very complex sequential process using several timers, tested it a lot of times, and it completely broke down due to Adalo connectivity issues, right in front of a customer).

I haven’t tried Pragmaflow’s component, but from what I see it is executed on a client device.

The biggest issue with timers (apart of glitches) is that these timers are executed on client-side, so if a user closes the app - they stop working.

So usually for scheduled events I use an Adalo collection + Integromat scenario. Scenarios will be different for one-time and repeating events. For one-time events I make something like a “queue” - put records to the table with expiration date, after which the event should be executed. Then I run scenario regularly: List Records → filter of outdated records → execution of logic → deleting outdated record(s).
For recurring events it is similar, but I don’t delete records at the end and I put the filter for execution in the “time frame” (e.g. round to hours’ value).

As for API connections errors - sometimes setting an automatic retry could help. But yes, this is a real pain for me and my customers.

I have an unfinished tutorial about this - but didn’t have time to complete it…

Best regards, Victor.


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