Marketplace Component not working even though active on backend

Can anyone explain why something like this might be happening?

The marketplace fun component is just not something the user can interact with, has anyone else had this issue?

I have had this on stripe subscription and stripe one time payment as well multiple times across apps. I think it’s an adalo issue but can’t figure out what the pattern is here

I submitted a ticket but got no answer. Kinda crappy since they are forcing us to do away with stripe legacy component.

it happens with the new stripe component for me

I submitted another ticket so hopefully I can get an answer

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Hi @adalouser500,

I still didn’t used this component but just some things to check.

Does the all fields are filled? ( buyer email, etc )

Does the user’s stripe id added to connected stripe account id is correct?

If you are testing this in test mode are you sure that Stripe Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key doesn’t have any spaces at the end?

If these good then Adalo has to check this :+1:

Thank you

They are set accordingly yes!

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