Is there a guide on creating a monthly subscription?


I am looking through the forum and also looking on Google for a guide on setting up a monthly subscription to use my app.

Is there a guide already? Google has so many results and its hard to find.

Thank you in advance!

Hello how are you, is it to block the user per month? I mean… today I create my user, I pay the subscription and in 30 days it is blocked until I make the payment again or that it is charged only after 30 days?

Hello Santiago, Im great thanks! How are you?

Well at the moment its to block the user if they do not pay.

I Would like to offer a monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription after a 7 day free trial

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Hello, well, that’s easy… in the user collection you put one that is a date (expiration date) and a true/false… on one page you put the 3 subscriptions, the 1-month subscription, the 3-month subscription and the year subscription … the user selects which one he wants and in the stripe button you put the action when the card passes update logged in user> expiration date> current time + 30 if it is 1 month or + 90 if it is 3 months or +365 if it is a year.

In the home you put an action on the page that is … update logged in user> false payment sometimes if today is the same as the day that expires, if that happens it takes you to a page that is to update the plan

And with the free version it is the same when creating but on the day that it expires it is current time + 7 … if that happens it takes you to a page that is to update the plan

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to write that for me.

Wishing you a lovely day

You broke that down very nicely

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