Adding expiry date to in-app purchase

I know there are a few posts on this but any videos or images would be really helpful.

I have the in-app purchase component working but I need to set that after 1 year the subscription will expire and they will go back to a free plan.

Here is an image of my database setting premium user to true after a successful purchase and also an expiry field. (it is 1 hour for testing purposes).

But the purchase does not expire so how do you make in-app purchases expire after a certain time frame
Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.32.01

Hi, what are you using for payment processing? The Stripe component?

It’s the Apple in-app component

I did something like that, but I gave up. It is not okay for the plan to expire every month, because users do not update it.

I’ll tell you how I did to expire the plan.
I made a “Loading” page set as Home (for the user to visit it every time they access the application).
In this loading page I set ‘’ Update Logged in user> PLAN: FALSE ‘’ if ‘‘expire date’’ is before current time.
And a link to the Home page of course.

I hope you understand


That’s a great solution! You might could also utilize Apple’s server notifications, which send information to a webhook that you setup (Integromat, Zapier, etc) to update a particular user’s account once their subscription is expired. More on that here: Apple Developer Documentation

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Could you make a tutorial on that. I’m a little confused. Where did you get the expire date under the options? Thank you so much!

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