Is there a media library where I can mass upload my audio files for my apps?

I have an audio content app but would like to upload all mp3’s once and then just decide which goes where in the DB. Is that possible?

Or do I need to upload file by file? And is it possible to reuse a file so there is no need to upload it again?

So you need to upload the MP3s, or you need users to upload their own MP3s?

Currently, it is one at a time, rather than bulk upload as far as I know.

I think I’d be looking to store files somewhere else. You’re going to fill up your quota pretty quickly in Adalo. I’d probably investigate Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. You’ll need to copy/paste URLs into your app but you’ll also get better performance streaming an mp3 from Cloudfront I’d suggest.

Thanks you are absolutely right. But I also think Adalo might be using Amazon S3 also. And at this stage of the project, would be nice to have it all in one place.

(I am talking about the admins ability to upload and reuse media files, not users) @theadaloguy

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