Is there a way to retrieve the order lines of a sent order?

Hi everyone,
I should generate a txt file containing the order lines just sent/confirmed by the user.

I can’t find a way to extract the sent order lines and create a string in the format “Qty; Food1; Amount; Qty; Food2; Amount; Qty; Food3; Amount;”

Anyone have any suggestions? Is it feasible in any way?
Thanks in advance to everyone.

You can create a text property called “orderline”. Everytime an order item is placed you can update that property with the new item. You’ll want to make sure that on the update action of “orderline” you use magic text for current “orderline” ; new order item name.

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Thanks @ashley for the reply.
The problem with this solution is that only when the order has been sent do you know which order lines to process.

I am trying another way, using the functions in Airtable should be feasible with a simple dynamic concatenation.

Let’s try this workaround.

Thank you

I d use Bolean True/false properties.
Bol1 : Ordering
Bol2 : Orderclosed
Bol3 : Orderbeingprepared
Bol4 : ordersent.

You just change false to True each time an order status changes.
Once an order is Closed, the client cannot modify it. But the Sales yes, they can edit an item qty that is out of stock and advise the client.
that way you do not make copies of the original order in various collections and you can add Combos on Step 3 to indicate : OutofStock, color not available etc that will be displayed for both, client and Sales…
Very easy to filter in the Dashboard.
*Only drawback, you may fix a limit for number of order lines (colections columns indeed) for a single order.

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