Orders - I need your suggestions :)


I’ve got my app currently setup so a user can purchase items as well as spaces on events. At the moment each event and item has to be purchased separately as they belong to different ‘Orders’ (you can have multiple of the same item and different age categories within one purchase).

The flow is:

  • User clicks on event / item category and an ‘Order’ is created
  • User selects specifics and ‘Order Item’ is created

However, I need an extra level for above Orders - something like a ‘Super Order’. This will enable a user to put multiple different events and items (Orders) in their basket and check out in one go.

I’ve got an interim screen as my home screen which currently creates a new ‘Super Order’ each time the user visits the app. That way the user always has an open ‘Super Order’ to add ‘Orders’. The plan would be that after a user pays for their ‘Super Order’ it marks the ‘Super Order’ and attached ‘Orders’ and Paid. Then a confirmation screen will create a new ‘Super Order’ for that user.

My problem is that the ‘Super Order’ data from the interim screen doesn’t pull through to the next screen at all. I read something about all screens that link to that screen needing to send the same data but I’m not sure if thats possible in my setup.

If anyone has any experience with what I’m trying to achieve or can offer any suggestions that would be great.


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Hi Ash, on the screen after the interim screen, can you click on the screen and go to ‘available data’ and see if the super order data is there? If it is there but greyed out, the data may be unavailable due to a separate inbound link from another screen which doesn’t provide that data. If the data doesn’t show at all (not even greyed out), it means the data wasn’t sent.

I think it’s also better practice to create the order as part of a button rather than a screen action.

Thanks @theadaloguy - I should have been clearer in my post.

The data linked from the interim screen to the Home Screen is greyed out and unavailable. I’m not sure how an inbound link would carry this information until it’s available to take to the Home Screen though? (I’m thinking the issue is with back buttons or links back to the Home Screen?)

With regards to creating the order from a button this is what I’ve got setup for the normal ‘Orders’. I was hoping to have a seamless (or buttonless) entry to the app for the user with a ‘Super Order’ being created as soon as they log in. Out of interest why is it better to have the create linked to a button rather than screen?

The fact that it is homescreen (people will automatically land there if logged in previously) means that people can enter without relevant data. So the screen set as either your homescreen or welcome screen I believe cannot be using ‘current data’.

I think just from experience I found buttons were more reliable than screen actions.

The interim screen I’ve got set is actually set as the ‘Home Screen’ and it checks if a user is an admin or a normal user.

Admins are taken to a separate area and normal users are taken to the screen which is the standard Home Screen for users. The interim screen then checks if a user is a normal user and if so then creates the super order (this appears correctly in my database).

The reason I’m hoping to avoid a button is so that a user can navigate around the app without creating another ‘Super Order’ (the interim screen is only accessed after logging in and I checked that a user still lands on it even if they’re credentials are remembered)

Understood. I also use an interim screen for redirects in a similar way.

Regarding the super order, try a button just to eliminate the possiblity that the problem is it being a screen action. It might not actually be the problem, but worth checking.

Back buttons are normally fine, but again worth checking. Where the data is greyed out, which page does it say the data is missing from?

I’ve just tried having a button on the interim screen that the user has to press in order to proceed (button creates super order and links user to user home scrren). Unfortunately the Super Order data is still unavailable. The missing data is missing from all screens that link back to the user home screen (not interim screen).

My profile - this is a back link
Confirmation Screen - this is a button link to the user home screen (after completing a purchase)
Resort Guide Home - this is a back link
Weather - this is a tab button
More - this is a tab button
My Purchases - this is a tab button


If there’s a home button on the tab bar I think that might be the problem.

I can take a look at your app if you add me as a team member

If you could that would be amazing! Can you DM me your email and I’ll add you?

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I would take a look at this:

Thanks James - I’ve checked those videos out and it’s given me a bit of clarity but unfortunately doesn’t solve my issue.

@theadaloguy had a look at my app and gave me some great help but it looks like the navigation tab bar is causing me the biggest problem. However, I need to have that available on the home screen so users can navigate around.

I really need to find a way for ‘Super Order’ to be created whenever a user logs in (so it only happens once and not when a button is clicked or a page is visited again). Then all subsequent ‘Orders’ will sit within that so that when a user goes the checkout page they can pay for all orders in one go.

To explain it using the Adalo Food Truck scenario I need a user to be able to make purchases from multiple different food trucks, add different items and then checkout in one go (but these can’t sit within the same ‘Order’ due to the specific timeslot options, age categories, rental dates and the backend needs to send only the specific order to the relevant food truck).

@theadaloguy also pointed out that Apple often want you to show part of your app before a user is forced to login. You MAY (can’t be sure as there’s luck involved) get an apple rejection for having all users forced to login immediately. So I guess I need another solution as to where the ‘Super Order’ is created anyway :confused:

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