Is there an CSV number of records upload limit

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to upload a few 15,000-20,000 record CSVs. Error every time, and loads some random amount. 8,541, or 9,200. Etc.

I had to break up the CSV’s into 5000 at a time. Huge pain point.

Is this a timeout bug or something?

Is there a place to file bug reports? Or is this it.


Sean ran into this when importing large lists. He found that the system ran into issues with CSV’s over 5000 items I think it was… so try doing the upload in batches of under 5000.


Yea this is correct. I had a table of like 45k cities I uploaded in batches of 5k each. I found doing more than 5k yielded unreliable results and it would weirdly err out but some would still intermittently upload in the background so the table would be in an unknown state. Best to stick to under 5k records per CSV for now and hopefully at some point there’s a better way to bulk load data

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We don’t have a specific limit set currently, but the process can timeout after awhile. This would be a great issue to log in our bug tracker.

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Ok - imo it times out quite quickly, maybe in 10 seconds?

I’ll time it and put it in with the bug report.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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