Is there an examples of Apps/websites are made with Adalo?

is there websites are made with adalo that i can see ?

Hi @bruh11!

Adalo’s USP is App Development. For some examples, you can visit the following:

Hope this helps!

here’s a website made with adalo :slight_smile:



Adalo isn’t suited for websites. Only native apps

@endieumunna You can absolutely build a website with Adalo. Adalo has the “Desktop Web App” option when creating a new app, which can be set up to be a website/web app.

It does lack a few basic website features like SEO and responsive layouts, but this is something that Adalo is working on at the moment.


This article here can help you out with the differences between Native Apps & PWAs: The Huge Differences Between A Native Mobile App And A Progressive Web App

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I made this web app ( Site ) with Adalo Link