Is there any limit on external collections?


Just wondering i am not able to add external collection. Is there in any limit to in adalo?


@Flawless ?

Are you asking because the “Add a new external collection” button is not appearing? I am seeing this behavior too, and I’m confused where it went!

Hey there @jibranmusa & @beaucronin

I think we are all having the same problem. Adalo staff has been notified of this problem and they’re looking into it.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an update on the situation.

There is no limit
This is a temporal issue where the button is dissapearing,
we are fixing it

and @jibranmusa

You can retry,
the issue has been fixed
You should be able to see the add Collection button again

Notifying @Flawless as well

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Guys a update by Jose from Adalo Team:

Issue has been fixed and deployed @Dilon Perera
You should be able to see the add collection button again

Reload your Browser to see the fix!