List item in an external collection not linking to the next page

Context: we’re trying to build an app that helps users track their nutrient intake.

The issue we’re running in to is that a list item in a section, when clicked, does not lead to the next screen. We get a toast notification in Adalo that says “Action cannot be completed.”

The collection is an external collection via a service called “Spoonacular”

Explainer video below:

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Your GET All for your external collection works fine, first thing I would be checking is the GET/id endpoint settings for that external collection.

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Hi @ChristinaC,

I would start from finding the reason for “Action can’t be completed” message. It can appear in various cases, but most of these cases are related to some issue with database backend. If an error occurs, no subsequent actions are executed.

You can see the error itself in a browser console:

  • go to the screen from which you run the action
  • open console (in Chrome: View → Developer → Javascript console)
  • click on the button which is not working
  • see what error occurs.
    If it’s a database error, you will see it in the log.
    Then you can try to understand what caused this error, but this will depend on the error itself. You can compare the URL in the call with your DB collection ids (found in API section), to see with what table do you have the issue.

Sorry, but debug of such things might be complicated.

Given that you’re creating record in Adalo collection and updating record in Adalo collection, and take values from the External collection, my guess will be that some value from an External collection contains data which is not accepted by Adalo backend. But this is a guess :slight_smile: