Is this possible in adalo? (multiple user roles, sending texts and emails)

Hi I am new to adalo and have started using it a little and it seems like a quick way to build functional apps. Though I’m not sure if my idea is possible, I will list out the details here:

-I am trying to make something where a business owner can add employees (they just add employee name and email and then when an employee makes an account, they are automatically associated with that business)

-I want the owner to be able to add locations and employees and associated them with each other; what I mean is that when I go to the details page of a specific address (out of many possible addresses a business may have), the owner can see a list of all employees and toggle which ones are active at that business

-I want the employees to be able to send prerecorded text messages via the app to whichever number they type in

-the person who receives the text may reply to it 1-2 times, I would want those replies recorded in a history tab somewhere in the app, and associate that with the employee who had sent the original text

-I would like the history tab contents to be email weekly to the owner if requested on the app

-I want the owner to be able to add many locations and employees and for the employees to have a different view of the app (more limited)

-the owner buys a certain amount of text message sends per month on a subscription basis that will then be available for all employees to use (for example, the owner buy 100 requests per month for $x/month and all employees can use those requests for that month

Are these things possible? Thank you for any insight

Hey there @paulc

Almost all of these are possible.

The only one that I feel would not be possible is this:

Hi thanks for the reply. I would like use twilio and connect it with Make or Zapier. maybe that would help?

Hi @paulc,

If you’re talking about SMS here: in theory, you can use something like Twilio Conversations Conversations API | Twilio as a “Hub” for the messaging.
With this, you send the message not directly from the phone but with custom action using this API, and then upon receiving replies you store them in Adalo DB.
Most probably you will need Make to integrate all this.



Cool find :+1: @Victor

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